Min uppfödning

Mina hundar bor inne hos mig, de är mycket sociala och vana vid de flesta förekommande ljud i ett hem.
För mig är temperament och en frisk och sund hund mycket viktigt vid val av avelshund. Samtidigt ska jag försöka prioritera vackra färger, uttryck och rörelser som är rastypiska.

Shih Tzu är en utpräglad sällskapshund. Rasen är sund och frisk med mycket få hälsoproblem. Uppnår ofta en hög ålder (12-15 år). Den är en liten, robust hund med riklig päls. Mankhöjd får inte överstiga 27 cm. Vikt är ca 4,5-8 kg. Alla färger är tillåtna. Rasen är glad, vänlig, positiv och livlig hund som kräver regelbunden, ganska omfattande pälsvård.

Shih Tzu är en bra och anpassningsbar familjehund, som är lätt att ha, även tillsammans med andra hundar.

Under de 10 veckorna som valpen bor hos mig lägger jag ner mycket tid på:

  • kloklippning – minst 1 gång i veckan från det att valpen är ca 2 veckor gammal
  • kamning/borstning – varje dag från ca 2 veckors ålder för att vänja valparna vid just den hanteringen
  • bada & fönas
  • åka bil
  • andra hundar
  • Barn – viktigt att hunden i tidig ålder lär känna och förstå barn.
  • leka med människor
  • utforska miljöer på egen hand utan mamma och resten av flocken                                                                                                               .

När du hämtar din valp är den:

  • Registrerad i SKK
  • Chipmärkt
  • Veterinärbesiktigad & vaccinerad
  • Avmaskad 3 gånger
  • Ingen valp säljs innan 8 veckors ålder
  • Dolda fel försäkrad i Folksam

Jag hoppas att mina valpköpare känner att jag alltid finns där för dom.
Det är aldrig onödigt att kontakta mig!
Jag blir bara glad av ett telefonsamtal, ett kort eller ett mejl.
Mina dörrar är alltid öppna för mina valpköpare och deras hundar.


My Breeding

My dogs live inside with me, they are very social and used to the most common sound in a home.
For me, temperament and a fit and healthy dog is very important when choosing a stud dog . Meanwhile, I’ll try to prioritize the beautiful colors, expression and movements that are breed typical .

The Shih Tzu is a typical pet. The breed is sound and healthy with very few health problems. Often reaches a great age (12-15 years). It is a small, sturdy dog with abundant coat. Height may not exceed 27 cm. Weight is about 4.5-8 kg. All colors are allowed. The breed is cheerful, friendly, positive and alert dog that requires regular, fairly extensive grooming.

The Shih Tzu is a good and adaptable family dog who is easy to have, even with other dogs.

During the 10 weeks the puppy is staying with me, I spend a lot of time on :

  • nail clipping – at least 1 time a week from the time the puppy is about 2 weeks old
  • combing / brushing – every day from about 2 weeks of age to accustom puppies at that particular management
  • bath & blowing
  • travel by car
  • other dogs
  • Children – important to the dog at an early age to know and understand children.
  • play with people
  • explore environments on their own without mom and the rest of the pack.

When you pick up your puppy it is:

  • Registered in SKK
  • chip Marked
  • Veterinary Inspected & vaccinated
  • Wormed 3 times
  • No puppy is sold before 8 weeks of age
  • Hidden defects insured in Folksam

To reserve a puppy :

It is not easy to select the right puppy in a litter. Often you go by looks, or just take the first dog to come up and crawl up in your lap when you sit down there in the middle of the litter. I like breeders live with the puppies 24 hours a day and at about 4-5 weeks of age , all pups developed its own mentality. It is then quite easy to see if a puppy suitable for exhibition , in a family with children , teens, family, idlers and snuggledog etc. Each family usually on the first call to express their wishes about what they want to do with their dog. The family’s wishes are usually able to give me a good hint about the puppy that fits in the family. I want, in other words to have some small hand in the game when you select just your and your family’s puppy for you to get the puppy to suit your desires and needs best.

I would like to see mum / dad has show interest, but most important is that they end up with families that love their dog and that it has an active and lovely life. So even you are just looking for a life partner are cordially Welcome to hear from you!

I try to help as much as I can, both in everyday life and in the show ring.

Puppies that have moved to new homes have ended up with absolutely amazing families.
We are in contact with each other throughout the dog's life, and for me as a breeder it means an enormous amount to be involved and get to know how the little puppy I helped the world has it.

I hope that my buyers know that I am always there for them.
It is never unnecessary to contact me!
I'm just glad of a phone call, a card or an email.
My doors are always open to my buyers and their dogs.

No puppy is sold before a personal meeting between me and the possible buyers have been and I think I found the ”right home for my puppy. I reserve the right to choose what / who I want to sell my dog without explanation / excuse.

Care / grooming Shih Tzu

A beautiful and long coat requires no training, however, regularity and some of your time. The basis of grooming is very simple, regularity and thorough review! So the first thing to do is to get your puppy at regular grooming, which is a very good investment. The first phase comes in at around 8-10 months of age, and for a female, later after the first rennet. The puppy begins to change from puppy coat to adult coat, undercoat loosens and form tangles. The hard phase can continue right up to about 2 years of age, depending on how much fur and the quality of your particular shih tzu. After having survived the first two years is grooming really easy !

When you brush, you need to spray the coat, eg with conditioner spray or brush spray, which makes tangles easier to sort out, removes the static and prevents hair breakage. Never brush in the dry coat!
How often the dog should be bathed depends on whether you live in the country or in town, that is how fast it gets dirty. To wash coat is also important if you have decided to set out your shih tzu. If so, you should bathe at least once a week, and brushing should not occur without bathing. A clean coat will accumulate less tangles and become less frayed.

You should start training on putting up tassels as soon as the hair is long enough to be attached to a tassel. One or two tassels enough for a puppy, but when the hair has been long needed more tassels to keep hair out of his eyes.

The puppy should be brushed every day to get used to. When the dog grows so neither do you or should you not brush daily, then it instead wears the coat. The daily management is then to set a new tassel and check eyes and ears. The most important thing is that the dog does not have hair hanging in front of your eyes. It can also be formed more ” slime ” and the eyes may become red if there is hair in them. Wipe off excess ” eye mucus ” with a wet cottonpads . You can at least look through the coat for the tangles every day. A young dog is moulting, may need to be brushed up to every day to not tangles to get caught. While an adult dog cope with a review of the week.
Once a week you should go through the whole dog. Trimming claws, check pads, snatching ear hair and brush your teeth.

The little puppy gets all the exercise it needs from to run around and play in the garden. Never go out on a long walk with a little puppy. First month is enough garden which then gradually expanded to small walks (a few hundred meters , no longer than a ½ km). If you are going to take the puppie, it may perhaps go with the kids in the stroller or get back cage. An adult shih tzu need regular walks and then one can, with the delight of the dog, walk many kilometers.
Take care of your little puppy and overwhelm it from long walks in the early age. It can lead to problems in the body and leads! Soon enough, you get the lovely walks with your beloved dog!






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